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Let Me Save You

November 1st, 2020


"We live in such a messed-up world where going to school and getting a job is mandatory, but living is not."

Seventeen-year-old Nila Izawa's life in small-town Japan is orderly, simple; expected. On the walk home from school before winter break, Nila finally sees that she is crumbling under her mother's strict expectations; both of them fueled by resentment towards Nila's absentee father. Nila reaches for the courage to break free, but her fear of failure is overwhelming.

Wavering on the edge of stability - and adolescence - rude, annoying, beautiful Kai Kento's insults, at last, ignite Nila's resilience. When he takes her hand in his, Nila is shocked to experience depths of the heart she thought could only exist in manga.

Relying solely on text as the medium, Let Me Save You aims to introduce traditional YA readers to the visually-rich and emotionally-charged storytelling mastery of Pontes' first fictional love, Japanese manga.

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