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Image of Novel: Let Me Save You by Lindsey-Anne Pontes taken by Desired Imagery (Logan DeSousa)


(Let Me Save You)


Lindsey-Anne Pontes

Petal Publishing

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*Potential Spoilers!*

  1. "I had the privilege of reading Let Me Save You while in draft form and thoroughly enjoyed this emotion-filled, manga inspired story. The characters are well developed and will have you falling in love with them in just a few pages. This is a coming of age, love story, but it also places much emphasis on relationships between parents and their children as well as friendships.
    Congratulations Lindsey on your debut!"
    -Telma Rocha (GoodReads)


  2. "This is a beautifully written coming of age story following the protagonist, Nila, on her journey navigating her final year through high school into college and adulthood, her first romantic relationship, and the tribulations of unstable home life. Sensitive and intensely moving, I would recommend, 'Let Me Save You', for anyone looking for a feel-good book to cozy up with."
    -W.D. Janaway (GoodReads)


  3. "What an awesome read. Lindsey-Anne Pontes tells a compelling coming of age story that brings the reader into small town Japan and keeps them there. The manga inspired story is filled with believable characters, descriptive settings, and events that make the reader experience every emotion Nila feels. This must read book needs to come with a warning; Do not start this book with the idea that you will read a chapter or two then go to sleep! Once you start reading it it is next to impossible to put down. I can’t wait until the movie comes out!"
    -Christine Debney (GoodReads)


  4. "I was honoured to read this book when it was in the works so to speak! First of all, thank you Lindsey for letting me read this book and be apart of your journey. I took my time reading it as a released book instead of editing as I have through the years and let me say, it was so, so well worth it! I also didn’t want to put it down as I had such a powerful connection to the story, characters and plot. I put a spoiler tag as I want to talk about my favourite parts of the book here and what I loved. To start, this book is written and inspired by Japanese culture and takes leads from “shojo” manga and anime. Now I have read and watched my fair share of this genre and trust me, if you are a fan you are going to want to read this book! There are parts I can easily envision as a manga or anime, the beauty of the writing brings out the beauty of the culture in its best ways. I love all the hidden features of it; to include “idiot!” (As I’m quoting Nila multiple times) brings me into a manga of simply bringing in the joyous quib of Baka!! Into this novel brought me such fanatical happiness! Now, I might have gotten a little off track on talking about my favourite parts but here we are: seriously, the finale, the lead up and the end soliloquy was beautiful. I felt it perfectly ended the book. Nila as a character evolves through her tragic mother’s death and it truly shows in the finale. I feel she is a strong main character as well as her development in her relay with Kai, her father and mother. Thank you for this wonderful read, I’m sure to recommend it over and over to friends and family near and far! I cannot wait to see your future works and to be apart of your author journey!"
    -Samantha Jennings (GoodReads)


  5. "​“Let me save you” is a story filled with love, friendship and some traumatic events. This book really got me feeling many emotions (especially near the end, I had some tears in my eyes). I really enjoyed reading this book and it’s very well written! I would totally recommend anyone to give it a read. Very proud Lindsey. Such an accomplishment!!"
    -Samantha Pemberton (GoodReads)


  6. "This book was so well-written! There were so many surprises woven into Nila’s life, starting pretty much at the beginning of the book. I had such a hard time putting it down! An excellent coming-of age novel with characters that are relatable. One intimate scene in the middle of the book."
    -Meghan Shackleton (GoodReads)


  7. "Loved reading this powerful story of a young woman's life. We'll documented and full of detail."
    -Rose Pontes (GoodReads)


  8. "If you've never been to Japan, this book will take you all its cherry blossom tree glory. And if you've never dipped your toe in the unique waters of Japanese Manga, this is your chance! Gorgeously designed and beautifully written, this is a story of relationships and how they can be challenging...even with the people in your life that you love the most. Great job, Lindsey! I can't wait for your next one!"
    -Tara Mondou (GoodReads)


  9. "Let Me Save You absolutely engulfs you in it’s story line, taking you on Nila’s journey from adolescence to adulthood, and all of life’s unexpected trials in between. The descriptive manner of the author will keep you captivated in this manga-like novel. I laughed, I cried at times, and became very attached to the characters. Great read!"
    -Samantha Connor (GoodReads)


  10. "A beautiful coming to age story.
    My favourite part was at the beginning. The first chapter starts of with a daughter putting a dollhouse together with her father. The moment between them, I knew was special and such a perfect way to start of this story. And the story gets better from there.
    The introduction of Kai is where the story started to spark for me. His introduction was so rememberable. And stood out the most to me. The way he acted to Nila, made him intrigue my attention, and I didn’t know what to expect from him. But as I flipped through the pages, his true colours begun to shine. And I wasn’t disappointed.
    Thank you, Lindsey Anne Pontes for the beautiful story."
    -Jimi Alan (GoodReads)


  11. "I'm always uncertain when it comes to reading books outside of my preferred genres - what do I have to compare it to? Let Me Save You though made me feel at home, sweeping me away into the lives of the characters until I felt fully immersed.
    It's the story of a girl about to finish school facing the very real possibility that she's found love for the first time, while also having to contend with several major changes in the life she knew. It's strongly grounded and as we follow her journey we cheer for her, we root for her.
    Throughout it all, there are several emotional gut punches and the author does an amazing job of allowing you to feel the emotion in them.
    There is so much good that can be said about this triumph of a book but I'll close with this - take a chance on it, you won't regret it."
    -Daryl J Ball (GoodReads + Amazon)


  12. "This novel reminded me of some of my favourite emotionally charged shojo series like We Were There and Peach Girl. I think the reason Peach Girl kept coming to mind was because Nila's father called her Peaches growing up.
    The doll house thing made me cry so much. I also built one with my dad as a kid, and I could understand how Nila must've treasured doing something so special with her dad. I won't say anything more about it because I don't want to spoil anything.
    I loved all of the character's in this novel! I especially drawn to Kenji as he developed throughout the story. I think Kida was my favourite side character. She gave off cool big sister vibes, despite being Nila's best friend, and she almost reminded me of a combination of Claudia and Stacey from the Babysitter's Club. She was just cool, and it was obvious her and Nila truly cherished their friendship.
    I cried throughout the last half! So much happened. I felt like I was right there with Nila, throughout all of the chaos...Nila's voice was so clear throughout the story. You could sense her anxiety, joy, and defensiveness within each chapter. There was such a clear reasoning behind her actions, and her initial hesitance with Kai. Even her frustration with Kida, which I'll be vague about to avoid spoilers, was understandable. Nila was hurt by the very people who were supposed to love and protect her, and although she responds differently to situations and people than her brother Kenji, who is more abrupt and rash, it is clear that the two of them need to lean on each other along with the love and support from Kai and Kida to pull them through. Nila is a force. I loved her story so much. She really blossomed as a character.
    Kai was cheeky in a good way. He was adorably sweet. He really pushed Nila to come out of her shell and I don't think it would've been possible if he hadn't been so open and charismatic. Kai's very upfront and forward, whereas Nila's more reserved and in her head about things. I loved how honest he was with her, and how the two of them grew together. It was so cute watching Nila fall in love with him.
    Lindsey-Anne Pontes did an incredible job of capturing those glittery...petal covered, panels you might see in a shojo manga, and also included some of my favourite tropes from the genre! It was so cool how she created the feeling of reading those emotionally raw scenes in this medium. Especially with the flashbacks!
    I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of manga like We Were There, Orange, and Mars or coming-of-age novels such as The Steps or Star Girl. I think you'll adore this book.
    The ending was extremely satisfying!"
    -Ardin Patterson (GoodReads)


  13. "Let me start out by saying that I have never been able to read manga before. I am more of an anime girl. For some reason I always had a problem getting into the whole manga/comic reading. However, I instantly fell in love with this story and had no problems staying on track.
    Let Me Save You is probably my very favorite manga that I have read to date. What really makes me love this story so much though is the way that it grows and changes. Lindsey-Anne knows how to target not only teen readers but also young adults.
    When I read the description of this book which starts with these thought provoking lines:
    "We live in such a messed-up world where going to school and getting a job is mandatory, but living is not", I couldn't help myself and decided to unfold the story behind this.
    The plot talks about a seventeen year old character named Nila, her life with some ups and downs. The story focuses on feelings, emotions, thoughts, and It really made me dig deep into the characters like I am there with them experiencing their life on my own.
    The characters thoughts and actions make sense. A lot of manga romance is too dramatic or unrealistic but I think this is one of the best examples I ever read of a great but more down to earth manga.
    I can highly recommend this novel to anyone who appreciates wonderful and emotional, descriptive writing, an incredible plot you can connect with and the characters you will miss when you turn the last pages." 
    -Jenny (GoodReads)


  14. "Bought this book for my 14 year old daughter, and she hasn’t put it down yet!"
    -Melisa (Amazon)


  15. "Love reading this book. It feels like I'm watching an anime series through words. It is exciting, and emotional in beautiful ways. I highly recommend this book."
    -SJ (Amazon)

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